Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Swapping Chance

1 Die
Digital camera
Adobe Photoshop

The idea is to travel and take photos at selected intervals. The photos will ultimately show the path. You may travel via car, bike, or walking.

Dice roll determines the length of time you will travel in a straight direction. Set a timer and begin. When the timer goes off, take a picture of the object, place, or direction you are looking at that moment. Flip the coin, heads or tails determines whether you turn left or right at the next intersection. Roll the dice and repeat until you have at least 6 images.

-In photoshop, compile the images linearly, overlapping one over half of the image before.
-Generate a random number between 25 and 75. Reduce all of the images opacity to that number.
-Merge all visible layers.
-Generate another number between 50 and 100. Change the images saturation to that number.
-Crop image to exclude all negative space surrounding the images.

Opacity 50%
Saturation 87

Some more fun stuff:
I took another series of images looking up at the sky during my photo tour. I compiled them in the same way, but added posterization too. It would be really fun to see the entire class compile the same chance project, so see how different they all turn out. I enjoyed how the first turned out so had a little more fun with this 2nd image.

Opacity 50%
Posterization 13 (random)
Saturation 84 (random)

Shawn's original project:

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