Thursday, March 17, 2011

Logo Study

Evolution of the Apple logo.

The logo reflects the change computer graphics technology over the last 30 years and trends in styles that grab attention. The first image is a monotone etching type print only lasted a year before being re-designed for a more modern image that has become one of the most iconic logos.

Logo Edits:
This was very simple so i'd like to do some other logos. But this goes along with what i'm trying to do with the culture jamming project so it was a basic start.

A Google Doodle:
Something fun to try. It would have been a lot easier if I had the font they use, Catull, but the package is $299. Instead I found a vector file of the basic google logo for some of the letters, and drew my own D's in illustrator using a font sample from online as a template. Then imported the vectors to photoshop to create the effects.

For this last edit I was searching for a vector logo that leant itself to the courses illustrator practice. I started by using live trace to trace the basic image. The problem with live trace is that it creates strokes based on color lines, not necessarily the parts of the image you want to be separate objects. So there is a lot of fiddling after you trace in order to make parts of the image the correct objects. I inverted the W for the M and edited the B to create a D in 'murder'. Enjoy:

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