Thursday, February 10, 2011

Wired & Programmed

The idea of being able to "plug in" to machines and alter human hardwire is not a new one.  It's in science fiction stories, movies, and even comics.  But it's always portrayed as an evil, as something to be afraid of, and something to fight.  I’d like to submit the idea that it's something to be wanted. Something that could change human awareness and psychology. To be able to improve upon and create something more desired has always been something humanity strives for.  We could alter past memories, improve memory, and add new data.  Instead of spending years to learn something, it could be downloaded into our "hard drives" in minutes. With more specific brain mapping, we could connect specific sectors to be accessible. Our entire subconscious could be altered in some way to fit the user’s desires.

1 comment:

  1. So could this also help ways in functioning with other parts of the body by stimulating the brain into let's say, process a number of actions you want your body to find a certain location or make force your body, per se, to self-massage youself by stimulating your muscles without anyone else's physical touch.