Thursday, February 10, 2011

Augmented Reality

Recently I've been very interested in augmented reality. The new perceptions it can give you and the information accessible within the context your current environment is pretty neat.

Check out this video. Could you see this as possible within the next 10-20 years in the average household?

Obviously the advertising is a bit excessive, and I don't think the outlining of the arms is necessary. What I really like is the timer with the electric kettle and the virtual keyboard. You could search the tea's in your cabinet, choose what you want, and it would automatically dispense it. In this context, I see augmented reality as somewhat unnecessary, but it gives you insight into other uses. I can easily visualize a pair of regular looking sunglasses that have chips and clear screens where you can still see the world as it is, but an addition of information accessible and visualized through the glasses. Instead of pulling out your smart phone to look up local restaurants, it would pop up through the screen and give you arrows toward the correct direction.

Here is a video of an augmented reality video game. It uses a game board with a smart phone / portable game device and skittles as the markers. When you look at the board through the device a 3d world appears!

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