Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Type Chance

1. Photoshop

Process: (download .doc with chart to fill in all the values here)
Make note of all information generated.

Using the random word generator:
1. Generate 40 words (use random word type/complexity)
2. Generate 1 sentence

Using number generator. Generate the following numbers for each word
1. A number between 10 and 100. This will be the font size
2. A number between 0 and 3300, then round to the closest 0 or 50th. This will be the horizontal axis location of the word
3. A number between 0 and 2500 (round). This will be the vertical axis of the word
4. Generate 9 numbers between 0 and 255 (format 3 columns). These will be used to create 3 random text colors (within photoshop instructions below)
5. 2 numbers between 1 and 26. Find the corresponding letter within the alphabet for each. Look within the font list and find the font closest to those 2 letters (Ex: mine were 12 (L) & 17 (Q): so I used Lucida Sans)

In Photoshop: Create new 8 1/2 x 11 document. (11 width/ 8.5 height)
⁃ In Preferences: change the following
1. Units: Rulers: Pixels
2. Grid: Gridline every - 200 pixels, Subdivisions - 4
3. Show background grid: View > Show > Grid
⁃ Double click on the color square to open the
Color Picker.
1. Type the first 3 numbers generated into the R,G,B slots.
2. Click on "Add to Swatches": Name swatch "Color 1"
3. Repeat for colors 2 and 3.
4. Swatches will be added to the end of the "swatches" palette

When placing words.
1. even numbers horizontally
2. odd numbers vertically
3. Color numbers based on the color swatches added. Every 3rd number is the same color.
4. Font size based on the number generated between 10 and 100
5. place the word at the location created by the random axis numbers generated. (example: random numbers 2129 & 1383 rounded to 2150 & 1400)
⁃ you should have turned the grid on and ruler will be in pixels, so place
any part of the word at that intersection
6. Place the sentence created in a text box over the top of all the other words.
- Generate a random number between 25 and 75.
- Color the sentence black, with a transparency of the number given.

Shawn's Chance:

I had fun with this so I tried it again. This time the letters I got by chance were WO, so the closest font was "wingdings 3", a series of arrows. It's interesting to see how each time could turn out so incredibly different. This time I added a random background color (R-41, G-141, B-195)

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